Welcome to our photographic record of Burnley

We hope that older viewers will enjoy recalling past times and younger people will be interested in seeing parts of Burnley which have disappeared.

The captions to these photographs are from our personal recollections and we trust that they are accurate, although if any viewer can offer any correction or additional information this would be welcome.

If you have any comments send an email: oldburnley@gmail.com


A view over Whittlefield recreation ground, which is still with us.  The red brick building on the left of the picture was St. Oswald’s and just to its right, although it cannot be seen, is the entrance to Gannow tunnel on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.  The factories towards the middle of the picture have mostly been demolished and replaced by a modern housing estate.  This photograph was probably taken in the 1960s and it is interesting to note how many mill chimneys were still standing.
Used Units dealt in commercial vehicle spare parts and was located off Padiham Road, at the end of Whittlefield Street.  The bridge in the foreground may be Whittlefield Bridge, which crossed the Leeds-Liverpool canal.
We do not know where or what this is although we wonder if the canal is behind the low wall which can be seen centre left. Is this below Whittlefield, close to the site of the old mine workings?  Information is sought.
We think this is probably a view of Whittlefield school, in Whittlefield Street.
This may also be in the Whittlefield area and we would welcome more information.  Do you agree that the lady adds something to this photograph?