Welcome to our photographic record of Burnley

We hope that older viewers will enjoy recalling past times and younger people will be interested in seeing parts of Burnley which have disappeared.

The captions to these photographs are from our personal recollections and we trust that they are accurate, although if any viewer can offer any correction or additional information this would be welcome.

If you have any comments send an email: oldburnley@gmail.com

M65 Construction

The construction of the M65 was a major development for Burnley and this photograph shows work in progress near Gannow roundabout.  An interesting problem was the building of the motorway under the Leeds and Liverpool canal, particularly as the British Waterways Board required the canal to remain open as much as possible.  The remaining four photographs show the civil engineering involved in achieving a solution.

These pictures capture the complex engineering feat undertaken by the engineers.    Firstly, a temporary 'cut' was made (on the right) away from the original line (over on the left hand side.  The old area occupied by the canal was then drained.
In this picture we can see a solid box structure emerging, in the centre, where the canal used to flow.  The temporary 'cut' is over on the right up against the high banking.
This picture shows more clearly the developments described above.
This is the finished item.  The canal has been diverted to run along the new structure, so making an aqueduct over the developing roadway.